Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Attempt at Rest

Thanks to the flu and a week's worth of high dose of naproxen sodium, my Meniere's disease has flared up with a vengeance. The last horrible flareup was when Abby was a few months old, a lifestyle change of low to no sodium everything corrected it. This time, I'm just waiting for the effects of the flu to pass, so my buzzing, spinning world will return to normal.

Unfortunately, the only way to make the symptoms of Meniere's disease go away is to stop. Be still. Wait.

Today, I have tried to take it as easy as possible, even though every room in our house is a complete mess. I fought the urge to clean it and rested in hope that tomorrow will be a better day for it.

Here are a few snapshots of what slowing down looks like for me.

A spot of egg nog in the morning with a cockatoo.

Lots of cuddle time with Princess Abby.

Another creative craft project with these well-loved shoes and a sweater that no longer fits the hubs.

Woolah! A new pair of sweater boots.

So cute! So chic. So ummm.... snowy white?

Sadly, they only lasted 30 minutes.

Abby came by to admire and wiped some extra dark grime on them that stained their front. Once I get to a thrift store, I'll buy a much darker sweater and do a try 2. I liked them!

After that, I baked a ham for supper and whipped up some potatoes with steamed veggies on the side. We all bunkered down on the couch to watch a good Disney movie on our new TV and blueray player (thanks parents!) and then decided to call it a night.

Hope your Sunday was great too!

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