Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flu Empathy

This morning I woke up feeling much more human again.

I still don't feel great, but compared to death warmed over, I am sooo much better.

As I began praying to feel better today, I realized in my heart I was praying this detached, kind of half-hearted prayer. Almost like I really didn't believe that God cared that I was still sick and wanting to feel better.

Then, it hit me. The reason Christmas is a big deal is that Jesus was made flesh. We don't have a High Priest who is unable to relate to our weaknesses (remember that verse in Hebrews 4?).

Jesus has been sick. He has been me. He cares a whole lot.

Right now, if you told me you were sick with the flu, I have an ocean of empathy for you. Last week if you had told me, I'd care but not that much. Without having the flu before, you can't really understand how miserable it is.

Jesus took on flesh for us. Got sick. Felt miserable. Loved us. Died. Rose Again.

We have a reason to celebrate this Christmas. What other god has done this for man?

Only Jesus.

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