Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So I Poured Molasses Into My Hair...

It all started with browsing Pinterest when I couldn't sleep.  I found a pin about natural hair care that led to browsing Crunchy Betty's blog.  I ended up on this article, because I love homemade skin and hair treatments.  Because I am crazy brave, I decided to try out molasses as a deep conditioning hair treatment this afternoon while I was working from home.

If you want to try it, here's what you need.

I already had this on hand. Convenient.

Simple, huh?  I love one ingredient recipes.

All you do is flip your hair over in your sink and rinse it out well.  Once it's wet, squeeze the excess water out, and coat your hair with as much molasses as you need to cover it well.  My hair is long and thick, so it took about a 1/4 cup to do it right.  Once you finish, secure your hair with a plastic shower cap and drape a towel around your shoulders to catch any drips.  Wait at least 30 minutes (I left mine in for 2 hours because I got sidetracked on a project that I wanted to finish) before rinsing it out in the shower with warm to hot water.

Surprisingly, it rinsed out like a breeze.  I had baking soda waiting outside my shower on standby in case of emergency, but I didn't even need to nopoo my hair (I don't shampoo anymore but that is another blog waiting to happen).  I just used my Devacurl One-Condition as usual and styled my hair with my usual products when I got out.

So what's the verdict?

Using molasses to condition your hair as a special treat is cheap, easy, and it works really well.

My hair looks super shiny and healthy again.  Considering I am 9 months pregnant and my little boy gets first dibs on any nutrition I take in, I think that's impressive.  On a side note, my hair has been silicone free for over a year now, so the shine you see in the photo is legit.  Considering this is a low quality iphone photo shot at night, I think it is telling of how well this stuff works.  My hair apparently likes sweets.

If you get enough courage to try this, let me know what you think.  I'm curious how it would work for someone with straight hair.

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