Friday, October 30, 2009

Heavy-Weight Stuff

Abby and I spent time with the only childhood friend I have kept in touch with over the years. She has a terminal illness, and the doctors anticipate she has less than a year to live. Spending time with her today reminds me how short life is (for all of us) and how much we mismanage our priorities. Walking along this journey with her has been tough. What 24 year old thinks about death and wonders if she will make it to Christmas? I'm young, but she is even younger than me. She'll never get married or have kids. Days like this I wonder how people make it without Jesus... sure is tough enough for me with Him. I am thankful for His presence and constant reassurance. I can rest in His Word. In Jesus alone- I find peace.

Jesus, come soon.
This world needs your restoration.
So many sick, so many hurting.
Only You can bring order to this madness.

Redeem us.
We are a fallen people.
Desperate. Defiled. Lonely.
As we are, we come.
As I am, I come.
You are all I need.
Hold me.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Boba Giveaway

I loved my Sleepy Wrap- the most amazing baby carrier to date in my book. Since my chunky monkey has outgrown its usefulness, I am very interested in the next step up- the Baby Boba. It's a soft structured carrier designed just for toddlers. The pricetag is pretty hefty in my book, but a mommy blog is hosting a giveaway. Check out the link below. I sure would love to win one!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ancient Words... Timeless to Me

For the past two weeks, our church has been reading 10 chapters a day in the New Testament. By the end of this month, we'll have read it in its entirety- pretty cool. That's our way of celebrating the Bible and Reformation Day, October 31st.

Some things I have noticed from keeping up with our reading assignments:
  • It started off really slow and difficult. The first 5 days were the toughest, but now, I am really enjoying my time in God's Word... not that I don't usually read but the quantity has definitely been greater.
  • My mind really is being transformed according to the Word- it is living and active.
  • I have been a better wife & mom because of the Word's effect on me.
  • Joy has been pouring out of my soul like a fountain- you know the way it does when all you can do is sing one song after another like you're living in a musical.
  • I am listening to God again... more often... more clearly.
  • I am really burdened for our church and for how "different" things are in the present from what things were like in the early church when they were doing things correctly. We need to be more Jesus-saturated.
  • Self- I am more aware of when I am getting in the way and how I need to be less and He needs to be more.
Seriously, take this Scripture reading challenge for a month. Drop the hours on the internet, phone, games, tv, or whatever your vice may be. Spend more time in the Word, and be transformed by the renewing power of His might. You'll get more than what you bargained for.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Our little girl is 10 months old this October! Can you believe it? After designing and creating Abby's little pumpkin shirt, I was very happy to see her in it enjoying a local church's pumpkin patch yesterday. Though it was overcast, I still think my lil' pumpkin glowed as she played and experienced pumpkins for the first time. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

Abby LOVED this huge pumpkin- it was almost as big as her!

Mommy's Lil' Pumpkin

Enjoying every minute of her new experience

Yes, she is our family comedian. Telling the pumpkin jokes.

A photo of Abby & me at the Pumpkin Patch- courtesy of a local photographer/friend

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