Friday, October 30, 2009

Heavy-Weight Stuff

Abby and I spent time with the only childhood friend I have kept in touch with over the years. She has a terminal illness, and the doctors anticipate she has less than a year to live. Spending time with her today reminds me how short life is (for all of us) and how much we mismanage our priorities. Walking along this journey with her has been tough. What 24 year old thinks about death and wonders if she will make it to Christmas? I'm young, but she is even younger than me. She'll never get married or have kids. Days like this I wonder how people make it without Jesus... sure is tough enough for me with Him. I am thankful for His presence and constant reassurance. I can rest in His Word. In Jesus alone- I find peace.

Jesus, come soon.
This world needs your restoration.
So many sick, so many hurting.
Only You can bring order to this madness.

Redeem us.
We are a fallen people.
Desperate. Defiled. Lonely.
As we are, we come.
As I am, I come.
You are all I need.
Hold me.


dwbee9 said...

I share my belief in the Savior with you:

Anna said...

Actually, the Jesus I serve is different than the Mormon Jesus you serve but thank you for following my blog. I pray that the eyes of your heart will be opened to know the Jesus I know. He's worth everything.

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