Friday, March 11, 2011

Thoughts after Day 2 of Acts29 Dallas Bootcamp

All I can is wow. Today we were able to be part of a select number of church planters that are being called to plant or replant a church within the next 12 months or less. To even qualify for entry into this session, you have to sign an agreement that both your spouse and you are sure that church planting is in your near future. All of that to say, if you are at this event, you are hardcore about this topic- not just curious. We were part of intense, transparent discussion groups with experienced and inexperienced church planters alike. It was invaluable to us, and the relationships we formed today will have a lasting impact on eternity.

I am so very, very thankful for the last couple of days. Bryan and I went out to eat tonight after everything was over to start processing all we had learned, and we both agree that we can't believe we ever went into the ministry without something like this. This was the most helpful ministry conference I have ever experienced. I deeply wish all ministry couples could go to an Acts29 conference. I don't even know how to begin sharing how I feel right now.

This bootcamp has helped us find even more healing in Jesus and even more comfort in His body. We have cried, struggled, worshiped, prayed, and rejoiced in Christ along with other believers following a similar calling to ours. We have been encouraged, reproved, and pushed closer to Jesus, and it is our prayer to unpack and apply all we have learned for the rest of our lives. It has made our calling and God's next plan for us more sure, and it has helped us see our past even more clearly as God's catalyst for our future.

We are completely wiped out from the intensity of the last couple of days but are incredibly hopeful and excited about what is to come. God is so very, very good. We are grateful to be His. Jesus is glorious in every way, and I am so thankful He is our Shepard and our Salvation. In the darkness, He is our Light. I am ready to go where He is leading our family with a joyful step and a trusting heart.

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