Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Jesus

Tonight, Bryan and I were talking about life and how we were dealing with everything.  A lot has gone on lately.  We're transitioning into a new ministry (more to come on that).  Abby and I have been sick off and on almost every other week.  Tonight, we had to take our sweet pea to urgent care because she had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic or some other unknown source for the second time in three days.  You think to yourself, "Seriously?  I'm not sure I can take anymore."  But... big but... God is so faithful.

I was telling Bryan how pursued I feel by God right now.  When I am driving in the car and start to feel sad, an amazing worship song will come on to remind me how great our God is.  If I start to feel exhausted trying to catch up on our heavy website workload right now, I get a kind email from one of our many great clients.  God just seems to be everywhere right now reminding me that He is with us, and it is deeply comforting.  So, I asked Bryan what he was experiencing right now during this journey, and I loved what he said.

Bryan:  If God isn't the one working in my life, coincidence is a lot greater than we thought.  Either God or chance deserves my worship, because one of them is loving me with sovereign precision.

I feel the same way.  Either coincidences happen all of the time at just the right timing for an extended period of time when we are down, or there is this all powerful Being that is determined to let us know that He is in control and that He is providing for our needs when we need Him most.  Our Jesus is amazing.  You see why I say He is worth everything?  He really is.

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Carrie Mills said...

Hey Anna, there's a great quote in Richard Foster's "Celebration of Discipline" that you just reminded me of... "Coincidence? Perhaps, but as Archbishop William Temple notes, the coincidences occur much more frequently when he prays."
You and Bryan are a great example to so many people, and God is doing some amazing work in and with your lives! Praying for you, and good luck with your future plans. :)

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