Monday, January 17, 2011

Simple Request

So, I'm not one to ask for favors, but if by any chance you plan on buying something from, please visit my blog first and click on the "Amazon" button to link there.  We get a decent percentage of all of your sales, and it will help us put our princess in diapers and Bryan through seminary.

I'll go ahead and say it- if you do, you're awesome!

Shop amazon and support the Cirlot's.


Katie A. said...

Just so you know... I tried clicking the words on the left hand column where it says "Click here to shop amazon and help the Cirlot's" and it wasn't a link so it didn't do anything. Thought you might want to know :)

Anna said...

I caught that last night. I'm not sure how to fix it. Apparently, amazon's widget is incompatible with some of the major browsers. Thanks for the heads up!

Anna said...

The solution: Eliminate the widget & Just add a banner. Should work now. :)

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