Friday, January 21, 2011

Anticipating a great weekend with quality family time, I was pretty bummed out today to feel Abby's head this morning and realize that she was sick... again!  Our little butterbean has ran a high fever all day- the peak being 103 F. Yuck!

So... we have had lots of cuddle time.  She has napped on my chest twice today for over an hour each time (a HUGE deal if you know our busy little bee).  We have pumped fluids into her little body as we gave her meds to knock down the fever.  We even made homemade apple juice popsicles tonight which were a huge hit and finished the night off with a classic kids movie, "The Land Before Time."  Overall, not too bad of a day with a sick kid, it could've been much worse.

I kept thinking about all of the moms out there that are nurturing their sick kids and who have no hope of their child getting better.  Without medicine, this would be a whole new ballgame.  Here's where you come in.  I'm linking to a site where you can give if you feel led.  No pressure or anything.  I'll never know either way.  I am just asking you to pray and ask whether or not you should give to this cause.  If God says no, you're scotch free. 

Consider giving whatever God leads and give a mom hope.  I will too.

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