Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lose the Shades

Gloomy. The weather that is. It's
cast this dull gray shadow across my living room the past couple of days, and I have stared and stared at it figuring how to brighten things up a bit. While I adore my chandelier, I was almost willing to move it into the foyer for the sake of a brighter one in our dining room area. Then it hit me. Take off the blasted shades!

So... like a reasonable gal, I did. You know what happened? The room lit up. The crystals that dangled caught the light and sent wild, dancing beams in every direction almost instantly. I was blown away. Seriously. It was breathtaking.

All of the sudden conversations about the Church started popping up in my head. Such as, why don't young people care anymore? Why don't we see the lost getting saved? Why is nothing working? Etc.

I think it's because we are hiding Jesus- our Light- with our own cheap shades. We thought we were dressing Him up... making the Gospel more presentable. Many different styles of shades but all with the same devastating result. The tragedy is we muffled His light to the point of becoming useless ourselves. God help us.

It's time to toss the shades. Dispel the darkness with His light. Dazzle the world with Jesus.

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