Monday, February 2, 2009

Amby Bed Night #2 Report Plus a Nap Time Special

How shall I describe Night #2 with Abby's new Amby bed?

(Abby sleeping last night right after we put her in the Amby)

Our little princess slept happily and peacefully throughout the whole night until 11:45 this morning... incredible! She only woke up 3 times for feedings/diaper changes (one of which I woke her up for) and settled back down quickly.

What We Learned: Bryan discovered last night that the people we had bought the bed from had set up the spring incorrectly. When he fixed the error, the Amby bed bounced 10x better and more smoothly, which Abby LOVED. Also, Bryan elevated the head of the Amby bed a little more to help her have less problems during the night with reflux. Since Abby hates being swaddled and is talented at finding ways to get out of a blanket, we tried a SwaddleMe velcro blanket that kept her tightly bundled all night long and used the Amby infant positioner to keep her stationary, so she wouldn't startle herself awake or toss her pacifier being difficult. All of these changes made a HUGE difference- we plan on implementing them from now on. Most of all, we are happier, because we FINALLY got a good night's sleep. Abby has been happier and more playful today, because SHE has finally gotten a good night's sleep.

Naptime Bliss--- sweet serenity!

Abby now loves her Amby bed so much that she has been SMILING when I have put her down to sleep again in it.. In fact, I just put her down for her afternoon nap, and she is peacefully snoozing away. Praise God for answered prayers!!!

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Heather said...

That is awesome! I wish I'd have known about the amby bed early on with Mattie Leigh...I'm thinking it may have helped her in some ways. As it is, she still wakes up frequently, even when she is in bed with us.

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