Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amby Bed Night 1 Report

Bryan brought Abby's new baby bed home last night- Amby Baby Hammock. This is my report on her first night out of our bed (well, mostly).

Abby started the night content like this. She fell asleep for about 30 beautiful minutes.

One outfit, many tears, and three solid hours of screaming later, she ended up in bed with us again like this...

However, whilst she was sound asleep in the morning hours, I transferred her back to her Amby bed, and she slept serenely until it was time to get ready for church.

The moral of the story: Mom always wins in the end- not baby (not even really cute baby).

What I learned: Abby can sleep happily and safely in her new bed- she just would rather sleep with me. However, I think she can be "re-trained" to sleep in her new space with perseverance, patience, and tough love. Say a prayer for us- we're shortly entering into Night #2.

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