Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Mermaid Room!!!

Abby has been asking me to paint a mermaid on her walls for a while now, and I finally decided to do it.  As you well know, our kid is terrified of sharks and usually thinks they are coming to get her around bedtime.  We decided to paint her magical bubbles and a mermaid to keep the sharks away as she sleeps in her little boat at night.  

Abby is ecstatic about how it turned out!  It's hard to tell from the photos but there are jewels and glitter everywhere!  When she saw the finished room, she wrapped her little arm around mine and told me I was her friend.  The ultimate toddler compliment, huh?

The room before we took down the flowers and old curtain.
You can barely see the pencil sketch of the mermaid in the works.

1st Layer of Paint

Finished Room Complete With Pergo Floors- Yay!!!
(You can see she is out cold from all the day's activity.)

View 2 of Finished Room
Lastly the Finished Mermaid
You can kind of see how shimmery everything is here.  It's so girly- I love how it turned out!

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