Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Big Answered Prayer

I went in today to be tested for Factor V Leiden, a blood disorder that runs through both sides of our families, and we found out why I have been so tired this summer.  I am 8 weeks pregnant!  I've been having pregnancy symptoms for most of the summer, but we weren't 100% sure until we saw the ultrasound today.

We were able to see a healthy heartbeat and a cute little peanut.  We are very excited and ask for everyone to pray for the health of our little one.  Our due date is currently Easter 2012.

Our obgyn is obviously concerned about the episode I had this past Friday, so he is helping me get into the neurology clinic in Ocean Springs sooner.  Thanks to some help from Mosaic, we have a name of a recommended neurologist to visit. 

Keep us all in your prayers and celebrate with us.  God is good!

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