Friday, August 26, 2011


Today, I hit my limit.  I've been burning the candle at both ends for most of this summer managing our business, caring for our family, helping with the church plant, and dealing with back to back stressful family situations.  Physically, my body had enough today.

I was at Mammaw's helping unpack and waiting for Cableone to finish fixing her internet (vital for someone who relies on a Captel phone and internet to communicate well).  I knew I was tired and had pushed myself too hard, especially these last two weeks helping get Mammaw moved and the estate sale ready.   At noon, my vision blurred in half of my peripheral field for 30 minutes.  I called Bryan and told him I would probably need him to come pick me up from her house.  Within the hour, my hand had went numb on my right side, and it quickly spread to the right side of my face and the right inside of my mouth.  My thoughts became jumbled, and I couldn't communicate clearly or think well.  By then, my mom had arrived home from work, and she took me to Bryan.  He took me to the ER.

By the time I was seen by the ER doctor, my symptoms had faded, and he proposed that I probably have a rare vasospasm condition that causes unusual migraines and symptoms.  I am being referred to a neurologist.  At this point, he said the only way to prevent another episode is to cut out stress and take it easy.  The good news is that it is highly unlikely that I had a stroke or a blood clot- both fears of ours.  I'll make an appointment with the neurologist this week to follow-up and see what I need to do from here to prevent another attack.  The last one I had like this was the day before I had Abby (thus why she was induced a few days early).

Needless to say, Bryan and I both had a good scare.  On the plus side, my sweet grandmother is almost completely moved in.  I hear the estate sale is a success so far.  Can you pray for us that life calms down for a few months now?  I think we can all use some rest.


Royce said...

You need two weeks rest at Dr. Camacho's!

TheKryptonian said...

Wow, glad you're okay. Get some rest and don't feel guilty for it.

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