Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doctor's Reports

Here's the scoop from the doctors' visits yesterday.


It looks like the stroke-like symptoms may have just been related to a weird migraine.  It's hard to say for sure without more tests, but while I am pregnant, we would all rather play it safe and avoid any head scans unless they become absolutely necessary.

Diagnosis: Migraines

Plan of Treatment: Don't get stressed (SERIOUSLY).  He said the only thing I can do is to cut out stress and make sure I don't get stressed at all.  If I have any more funny symptoms, we'll have to proceed with more tests.  Let's pray that it stops here.


She seemed to think it was unlikely that I have developed gluten/dairy intolerance during pregnancy.  She seems to think that the reason I feel better on that diet is because it is low fat.  I'm not sure, so I am going to food journal a little longer and try out some ideas.  It would be awesome if I could eat normal and not have any problems again!

Diagnosis: Severe Reflux.  She thinks all of my other symptoms are attributed to the fact that I have crazy reflux.

Plan of Treatment: Elevate the head of our bed on cinderblocks until baby comes.  Eat low fat and avoid any foods that seem to make me feel worse.  Get on Prevacid since Tums don't help.  Since Prevacid is in the "gray category" with safety during pregnancy, please pray that our baby stays safe during this medication regime and that it knocks out the reflux so we don't have to try anything stronger.

Thank you for all who are praying for us.  We appreciate it so much!


Anonymous said...

About your migraine, did u have what they call an aura before it that triggered it? I suffer from migraines since I was preggo with isaiah and had to take prescription migraine meds. Hope you feel better! Congrats on yalls bun in the oven! Lol and I can relate..is it physically or mentally possible to be stress free? NOT FOR ME! Lol

Anna said...

Yeah- I had prismic lines in my right field of vision for 30 minutes before the other symptoms started. The odd part was that I never had the normal migraine headache after it all. I'm glad that is all it seems to have been!

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