Friday, November 19, 2010

The Little Details

God's sovereignty in the little details still gets to me. I just can't get over being amazed at how intimately He is ALWAYS working through every situation good or bad in my life and yours. Here's a classic example tonight.

Let me run through the steps that led us to the present.

-2 years ago, we buy a house and my parents give us their old queen mattress and box springs.
- 8 months ago, we find a nice wooden bed frame beside a garbage dump that just needs to be sanded down and painted. Since someone had just given us their old van, we were able to load it up and carry it to our house to be restored.
- 2 months ago, we finally find the time to restore the bed and paint it to get our guest bedroom ready for out of town guests.
- 1 month ago, a single mom of 4 gives her life to Christ and begins coming to our church.
- 2 weeks ago, we find out that we can get a huge tax deduction if we give up our guest bedroom and turn it exclusively into an office for our web design business.
- Yesterday, we post our bed frame on craigslist to sell it to help pay for Abby's playhouse that we are building her for a birthday/Christmas gift. At Bible study that night, we find out the single mom needs a queen mattress and box springs. She's been making do with sleeping on the couch or on box springs for a while.
-Today, we sell the bed frame to a guy that needed a frame cheap for his college-aged daughter who is coming home for Christmas from Minnesota. We give our queen mattress/box springs to the single mom so she can actually sleep comfortably at night for the first time in a while. Our guest bedroom can turn into an office now as needed. With the $50, we can buy leftover lumber for Abby's playhouse that we found tonight on Craigslist for really cheap.

Doesn't God's sovereignty in the small things just blow you away?

God is just so good- so involved- so present- always.


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Grandma Pat said...

Our God is INDEED an awesome God!!!

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