Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

2008 has been a year of personal growth, great change, and immense blessing. The joys of this year have overwritten the sorrows. The challenges have intensified my faith, and its trials have taught me to rely on God instead of self. Here's to a great year that has taught me even more how glorious our great God is and how beautiful life with Him is.

A few favorite moments from 2008 (too many to name in their entirety)...
  • Our first Sunday at Cambridge- Receiving the food pounding was humbling
  • My trip to Atlanta for Promiss- I met so many wonderful people who are so dedicated to protecting the lives of the unborn
  • My Spring trip with Bryan to Destin- Despite the fact that the weather turned to freezing temperatures and that we were wearing sweatshirts on the beach, we had a blast
  • The morning my pregnancy test turned out positive- We were so excited that I took multiple tests just to make sure!
  • My trip with Bryan to Indianapolis- I absolutely loved visiting friends, spending time with family, and traveling with Bryan to new places
  • Spending a few days at the Camp for our 2 year anniversary
  • Closing on our First Home-Such an answered prayer!
  • Birth of our daughter Abigail- Too beautiful for words
  • Our first Christmas with our baby girl
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! May 2009 be another year of blessings and discovery in the beauty of life and glory of God as we journey forth as a new family.

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