Friday, October 31, 2008

Preparations for the Big Day

Our prenatal visit this week confirmed that Abby now weighs 5 lbs and is ready to come at any time. Even though her due date is still a little ways away, the ultrasound is dating her as being older and all of her organs and bones look well developed. During the ultrasound, she was practicing how to breathe and waved at us on the monitor as if she knew we were peeking in. The ultrasound even revealed that our little girl will have a full head of hair (which our hair stylist predicted). As I watch her grow every day and stretch my belly more and more, I'm more and more aware of how much my love for her is growing. It's an amazing thing... God created this miracle within me, and I will get to love and care for her for the rest of her life- as long as I am alive. God is not only helping her grow and develop... He's preparing me for a huge transition and is developing within me a love that I cannot describe or even measure. What a wonderful God we serve! What a good Father He is!

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