Wednesday, October 8, 2008


(This is a photo of a chandelier that was given to us yesterday as a birthday gift for me. Isn't it beautiful? It was a WONDERFUL surprise. I have always wanted a dining room with a romantic chandelier. Now I have it!)

Choosing to stay home with our little girl once she is born this December was one of the most difficult decisions God has asked me to make. I've always been career-minded and independent as long as I can remember, and for once, God was tugging strongly at my heart to trust Him to provide for us during this period in our life. Bryan and I prayed about this for months before we finally agreed that God was directing us to do this, and honestly, I have been surprised by how many people have disagreed adamantly with this decision. In our culture, staying at home is ridiculous, especially if you have a degree that enables you to make good money. Being a natural people pleaser (not that I am proud of this fact), I have really struggled with this decision at times. God keeps speaking into my heart over and over again... "Who do you really want to serve Anna? Money or me? I will provide for you. Trust in me." As I sit here in our living room this morning, I am humbled by how strongly and carefully God has provided for us so far. He has provided for our needs and even wants. While I am not writing this to condemn any woman who works outside of the home, I just wanted to say that for one who decided not to for right now... God is sufficient to meet our needs, even on a modest, single income. God is enough, because He is abundantly good and loving to His children. He is faithful to take care of us when He asks us to step out in faith and to walk a different path than the one we had imagined for ourselves.

What I have found out so far... His path is more beautiful and more satisfying than the one I had mapped out for myself. To God be the glory.

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That is really cute Anna!

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