Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mini Epiphanies Along the Way

So here's the update on our house offer. The sellers were not willing to negotiate with us after all and stated our offer was too low to even consider countering. Of course, since that is pretty much getting slapped in the face in the real estate world, I was pretty annoyed and frustrated after we received the news. However, after praying about it, Bryan and I both agreed that this was just one of those times when God allowed a door to be slammed in our face to make it very clear that this was just not where we needed to be. We are viewing a couple of other homes this Friday... say a prayer!

We were supposed to renew our lease with this apartment complex by tomorrow. Otherwise, they have threatened to go up in rent month by month. Even if we do renew the lease, our rent still will go up to at least $900/month. Considering the current environment of our complex, I am not willing to rent there any longer than we absolutely have to, especially at such a high price. Unless God changes our hearts tonight, we are not going to renew the contract and are going to trust Him to provide us something more affordable and safe quickly.

A few things I have learned from this experience so far is:

  1. Feeling safe at home is very important to me- I would live in a lot of houses I would never have considered before just to be in a safe neighborhood.
  2. I like to plan and have everything organized- God doesn't always work that way.
  3. You pray a lot more when something really matters- I wish I could say I have prayed over the lost as much as I have prayed over finding a house lately.
  4. It's impossible not to become discouraged if you dwell on your problems instead of God and His promises to us.
  5. I'm a dumb sheep- I really don't know what I want or what I need or when I need it, and I am glad I have a Good Sheperd.

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Jamie Ainsworth said...

Girl! I'm so glad we're friends because you've just put into words much of what I've been experiencing and feeling myself. I do find myself praying much more over "bigger" decisions. And trust me, I've been doing ALOT of praying this summer. Stay strong and thanks for being so open with your faith!

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