Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy days come and thankfully go

Bryan left early this morning as part of the Jackson County Association's Disaster Relief Response team. He's on his way to Iowa to mud-out homes (basically get the gross stuff out so the houses can be rebuilt) with 5 other people from our association. Since I'm 5 months pregnant with our sweet baby girl (who's name has yet to be announced), I am staying behind with Peeperz (our friendly cockatoo) to hold down the fort here.

This afternoon I received the news that my Uncle Gene's heart surgery had went poorly and that he was probably going to die within the next few hours. Grieving and lonely, I poured out my heart to God until I couldn't cry anymore. I am so proud of Bryan's selfless desire to serve other people, but it was hard not having him home today with such bad news. God is so faithful, and He comforted me with a peace that passes all understanding. Tonight, when I expected to receive a phone call telling me about my uncle's death, I was surprised to receive the news that the uncontrolled bleeding was miraculously decreasing and that my uncle has very good odds of surviving this time. Praise God! I know He heard my prayers and the prayers of many others and has intervened in the life of my uncle.

I am so thankful that God is near when our loved ones cannot be. God is an amazing and intimate Creator. I just need to remember days like this...Be still and know He is God. He is enough.

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