Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Projects... A lifestyle

If you have known Bryan and I for very long at all, you will know we love to work on projects together.  Tonight, I thought I would show a couple off.

This was our old desk and setup for Peripety.  This is the screenshot of it ready to be sold.
This is the super awesome desk Bryan built for us for $25.  We already had a lot of scrap wood thanks to James.  Since Peripety has grown, our desk space needed to grow as well.  I love how bright and cheery this is!

Here's our kitchen before we painted it this week.  Very nice and formal but I wanted something more fun.

We used chalkboard paint to give it more of a coffee shop look.  I wrote the cabinet contents on the outside of each door.  It will be much easier for our frequent small group guests to make themselves at home now.

Here's the kitchen nook.  I love how fun the look turned out!  $10 updates are my favorite!

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Anonymous said...

Projects are fun! I miss the projects JJ, Cirlot, and I used to think up!

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