Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jesus of the Gospels

When is the last time you wept in awe over your salvation?

For me, it was this morning.  The internet was down, so I watched "The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus" with Abby.  I didn't analyze it to make sure every point in the movie was completely accurate in every way. So if it's not, remember it came from Hollywood.  Today, I watched it as an onlooker trying to remember what it may have felt like to hear the Gospel for the first time (I grew up from the womb in the church).

Once again, I was completely blown away by the power of the Gospel.  I wept like a baby.  Soul-cleansing tears.  Humbled by how beautiful Jesus is and by how much He loves us.

I don't know about you, but I need to be reminded.  Life can be so hard- so hopeless.  Apart from Christ, what joy can we be guaranteed from moment to moment?

My dad's mom is aging very ungracefully.  I have a friend who is in a marriage that is grievous and void of any kindness.  I have sisters and brothers in Christ who are watching Satan destroy their children and their marriages.  I have a childhood friend who is slowly dying as various diseases shut down her body.  I have watched a church turn away from my husband because he preached the Gospel in a way that made them uncomfortable.  I still miss the children we never met.

If it wasn't for Jesus, nothing else would matter.  I'd be done with life.  Today.

We do have Jesus.  In the Gospels, He isn't indecisive, powerless, or a coward.  Jesus is the intentional, powerful, courageous God in the flesh.  Jesus died to absorb God's wrath over our sin and rose from the grave offering Life to anyone who who would believe in Him and follow in His ways.  He isn't panicking over this world gone mad.  Scripture says Jesus now sits at the right hand of God after defeating death. Sitting!  Does that sound like someone who isn't in control?  Absolutely not!

Do you remember what Jesus said when He took His last breath on the cross?  "It is finished."  Salvation is His work.  It is our responsibility to share to the ends of the earth the good news about our Jesus who does save.  We get to proclaim that Jesus has come to save us from our dead works and the endless lists of rules that we have failed to keep... Jesus has come to save us because of His goodness- not ours.  We get to be His Spirit-led messengers as we live each day.  We have a supernatural agenda from a worthy King.

This is weighty stuff.  If we can wrap our brains around this, it will change more than just the course of our day.  We will take part in changing history.  The Kingdom of God is now.  Let's repent and follow our Master, our Brother Jesus.  Let's make our Daddy proud.

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