Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Future Plans

I'd like to take you on a mini photo tour of what we have been doing in our yard this past week.

We planted a mandarin tree.  Bryan has always dreamed of having tons of fruit trees in our yard.

We planted a kumquat tree that Abby absolutely adores!

We planted vegetable plants to try to save some money on produce by summer.

We finally began to do a little landscaping on the front of our house.  Our neighbors were probably ready to take a collection to help us out since we were lowering their property value by our lack of curb appeal.

Now, to the mere onlooker, this looks like the normal spring fever most families catch as soon as the weather begins to warm up for more than a day.  For us, it's not (though it could be a little of that too).  We are making a statement... a commitment.

We are finally free to announce to the world that we are bunkering down.  We are officially remaining in Gautier to church plant.  With every tree and bush we have planted, we are saying, "We are here to stay."

Continue to pray for us.  We have a long journey ahead, but I know God will be faithful.  He has provided for us in the past month in ways that have completely blown me away.  I can't wait to see what God wants to do here.  In Gautier, out of the 18,000 people recorded in the recent U.S. Census, over 16,000 are unchurched.  The harvest is beyond ripe, and the battle for souls here is intense.

Instead of running from the battle, we are digging our roots deeper.

So Gautier... here we are.  Willing and excited about what is to come.

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