Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gluttons for Punishment

As many of you know, our cockatoo Peeperz has been plucking severely since Abby's birth and is showing no signs of stopping. We've tried almost everything we can think of to eliminate this dangerous behavior, but we still have a bald little chicken with bleeding sores. We're trying our last possible shot at curing Peeperz' insanity... love.
For a couple of days, we are borrowing a female goffin cockatoo from a guy we met to see if Peeperz will be happier with a mate. Yes, I know. We are crazy. Crazy pet people.

Peeperz' first date with "Nemo" was last night. So far so good. Nemo is very, very calm and seems to make Peeperz chill out as well. Nemo is incredibly friendly, even with Abby, so maybe that will reassure Peeperz that Abby is o.k. too. Here's a photo of what last night looked like, so you can enjoy the humor of the situation.

Bryan was chaperoning. Nemo is on the left and Peeperz is on the right.

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