Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Divine Interruption

Well, it turns out that the reason I was uncomfortable the night before last was because I was developing a sinus infection. Apparently, a sinus infection plus an almost healed nose fracture equals misery. Conveniently, exactly where I fractured my nose is where the infection is the worst. Thanks to my local doctor who called in antibiotics for me, I can already tell after 3 doses that I will survive (I know you were worried).

Besides the facial pain, the worst part is not having the energy I need to keep up with Abby. As always, God times everything perfectly. Since Bryan is preaching a revival here in Memphis, I have had plenty of help during the day in between his times of studying. Since we are not at home, I don't have to feel guilty about resting for most of the day when I can. We may not be sightseeing as I had originally planned, but I am thankful for a time of unexpected rest and for a great husband who practices what he preaches.

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