Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chef Cirlot's Abby-Safe Temptations

I have had quite a few questions about what things I can eat, so I just thought I would share a few photos of some foods that have turned out quite nicely. All of these are first-time shots, so please forgive their imperfections. I just wanted to prove that you can still eat quite happily on a restricted diet- creativity and seriously novice cooking skills are all that is required.

Flourless PB Cookies
(My husband who hates PB Cookies adores these... so yummy!)

Gluten-free Pizza
(It would have been beautiful if only I owned a rolling pin)

Delightfully Delicious M&M Cake
(I made this one with rice milk and just let Bryan eat the M&Ms- the frosting and cake itself are so good that the M&Ms pale in comparison anyways. I served this at a church fellowship and no one guessed that it was dairy free.)


Heather said...

I think that pizza looks yummy! Could you send me the recipe?

Anna said...

If you can find the Gluten-Free Pantry Pizza Crust & French Bread Mix, that's what I used. It already has a variety of flours mixed together, so you don't have to buy them separately. For the topping, I just used Ragu pizza sauce, Kraft's pizza blend cheese, and pepperonis. The crust does take some effort but it wasn't too bad. It is really sticky when it finishes rising, so make sure you have some olive oil to brush on it. Without the olive oil, it is impossible to knead the crust and form it well. It bakes really nicely with the oil in it too.

Joy said...

So happy you're finding answers and solutions...

I'm guessing that y'all decided tomatoes weren't an issue and you're able to add those back in.

With that, have you tried rice pasta? [I'm not sure if there's gluten or not, I never had to avoid that ingredient]

Heather said...

I found this site and it has a lot of Gluten-Free Pantry food. You may want to check it out because it has a lot of choices!

Chas Ray said...

We don't have gluten allergies...but these look delicious!!!! I want the recipe for the cookies...and the pizza...and the cake...Ok all of them LOL

Anna said...

Hey Chass- message me on facebook, and I'll try to get the other recipes to you soon. The recipe for the pizza is on this page- I sent a reply to Heather on that one. Joy-it looks like Abby's dairy and soy issues may just be secondary lactose intolerance. I'm still experimenting with what I can eat and how she does, but she seems to be fine with a little dairy in moderation and with tomatoes. Yeah- I have tried the rice pasta. It's really good. The only downside is how expensive it can be. It's so nice having options though!

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