Monday, May 18, 2009

An Answered Prayer

I just got off of the phone with Abby's GI doctor, and he agreed that we could cancel all of the tests that were scheduled for this Wednesday. Since last Monday, I have completely taken gluten and peanut butter out of my diet, and Abby has been doing great. She has progressively gotten better every day and has had three days in a row now where she has hardly spit up at all. We took her off of her Prevacid for over a week now and have not noticed a difference at all. It looks like the food allergies were just mimicking acid reflux- it may never have been that at all. Praise God for many answered prayers! At this point, I will just stay on the dairy/soy/gluten/peanut free diet, and we will watch and see how she does and follow-up with the doctor again in a few weeks. If it turns out to be necessary, we can always reschedule the tests. Yay for a happy, healthy little girl for a few days now! How wonderful would it be if all of Abby's tummy issues were resolved now? Let's pray that is the case.

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