Friday, January 9, 2009

Sleepy Wraps are Wonderful!

I just got Abby's Sleepy Wrap in the mail today. It's amazing, and I wish I had ordered one earlier. It's a very comfortable baby wrap that holds your baby safely and comfortably close to you so both of your hands can be free again. Abby fell asleep less than 5 minutes after I put her in it and has been asleep since (1 hour and counting).

Some of the benefits of baby wearing according to recent studies:
Carried babies....
  • Cry less
  • Are healthier (Gain weight faster, have better motor skills, better coordination, increased muscle tone, and sense of balance)
  • Become independent faster (making them more confident and less clingy)
  • Sleep better
  • Learn more
  • Are happier (they feel secure and loved)
That's my plug for Sleepy Wraps. Buy one for a new mom! They're comfortable, affordable, and so worth every penny.

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