Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Exciting Updates

  1. Abby had her 1 month checkup yesterday and is doing really well. She is now 9 lb 12.5 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. They couldn't believe she had gained so much weight in the past few weeks... she had dropped down to 7 lb 1 oz when she was sick. Also, since Abby has been having a rough time with tummy troubles in the past few weeks, the doctor has prescribed Zantac twice a day to control her acid reflux. Pray that this works and that she starts feeling much better soon. Thank God for good news!
  2. This past Sunday was our 1 year anniversary at Cambridge Baptist Church. I'm still staying home with Abby until she starts feeling better, but they presented Bryan with a sweet card, cash, and a new upright freezer for our home. Very thoughtful and appreciated! They had a reception for us that night after church which I was able to attend while my mom watched Abby. We praise God for a good first year and look forward to many more to come.Photo of our New Freezer

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Heather said...

Mattie Leigh also had to have Zantac twice a day for acid reflux. It worked really well for her. She actually got to stop taking it after her one year check-up and hasn't had any problems since. I hope it works well for Abby.

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