Friday, November 14, 2008

In Memory of Austin

A nurse I worked with at the children's hospital in Jackson called me last night to tell me that a patient I had worked closely with for a long time had been murdered by his family. The sad thing is that as a nurse I had done everything within my power to try to convince state officials that Austin, a 3yr old at the time, was being abused by his family and did not need to be sent back home with them. As usual in the abuse cases I cared for, the family still took the patient home. I really cared about little Austin and tried to show him Jesus the best I could while he was under my care. Honestly, I became very attached to him for the months he was on my floor, and I will miss him. At least now he is finally safe in our Father's arms. How the world needs Jesus... we starve and neglect our children and think nothing of it. God save America.

Copy & Paste the Link Below for the Full News Story., aunt charged in starvation death of child

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