Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Close!

Yesterday, four of our church members gave up their day to complete their final project in our kitchen. They cut out a hole in the false wall, framed it, trimmed it, and put in our fridge. They even installed a new electrical outlet over our fridge for convenience. It looks great! Here are some photos of the progress. We should be finished with the kitchen remodel soon! God has blessed us so much!

The cutout is finished.

Carla is caulking the trim and framework.

The electrical outlet is being installed.

Yeah! Ready to use!

Nice fit! Our fridge is welcomed into the kitchen again.

Our new shelving unit in the pantry area.

***With a little sanding and paint, this project will be complete!***

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Jamie Ainsworth said...

This looks so great! They did a fantastic job!

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