Friday, August 1, 2008

Hallelujah! We're homeowners!!!

Today we went to look at a house that we had originally been interested in that we thought had been sold a couple of weeks ago. However, the owners called me back last Friday to tell us that their contract with the other buyer had never worked out and that the house was on the market again. When our offer on the other house fell through, we decided to view this house as our last option for buying a house in the near future. We went into the house and loved it instantly! It is a beautiful home with a lot of character that has been well maintained. The owners have been trying to sell it for a year and a half, and until recently, it has been far out of our price range (the asking price was in the $150's). We both were excited about the house after viewing it and went home to pray about it. After feeling like we were both on the same page, we called our Realtor and made our best offer, which was lower than the already very reasonable asking price. Praise God, our Realtor called us back within an hour saying the offer had been accepted and was signed. I know it sounds cheesy and overly dramatic, but I couldn't help but cry tears of joy. This is a house that we never thought we could afford in a very safe, very family-friendly neighborhood. I am so thankful and so humbled by God's providence in this, despite my doubts and struggles throughout this whole house hunt. God provided us the perfect home at the very last minute that we needed it (our 30 day notice was turned in today to our complex). We should close on this house by the end of the month... exactly when we need a place to live. God is good, and I worship Him for doing something we could not afford to do... He has provided us a dream home.

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