Saturday, July 30, 2011


The funeral begins today at 2 p.m.  I can't sleep for the second night in a row.  It's all surreal still.   It's hard to believe Meme is gone.  I know she lived a full and happy life, but I'm still sad.  I miss her.  She was dynamite and spice as long as I have known her, and watching her fade away slowly this week has been really hard.  I'm happy that she is with Jesus now.  I still hate death.

Sunday night was the last conversation we had where she was able to respond back much at all.  It went like this.  I bent down to tell her my visit had come to an end.  She called me her little princess and moved my hair out of my face to comfort me as I silently shed tears that were long overdue.  She traced my arm with her hand until it touched my face and brushed through my curls.  We both knew it was goodbye.  I could see it in her eyes.  She squeezed my hand before letting go.  I kissed her forehead and said a prayer over her before walking away.  Neither of us had dry eyes.  Goodbyes are never easy or adequate.

Tonight, I started looking through photos I have of her from our wedding until now.  Here a few favorites I thought you would enjoy seeing as we celebrate her life today and grieve over her death.

July 8, 2006- My Wedding Day
2008- Celebrating Abby's Imminent Arrival
Spring 2009- Dedicating Abby 
Easter 2009- Abby and Meme's "quality time"
Thanksgiving 2009
Spring 2010
Summer 2010
Fall 2010
Fall 2010
Spring 2010- Our Most Recent Abby/Meme Photo

We love and miss you Meme.


Jamie A said...

What a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing these photos.

Heather Clark said...

I will be praying for you and your family during this difficult yet joyous time in your lives. I know it is never easy to say "Good-bye" to a loved one, yet we have the promise of a "Hello again I've missed you" down the road! May God comfort you all as you celebrate this wonderful life that has ended & another life that is being lived joyfully worshipping our Lord at his feet!

~Heather Clark

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