Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guest Bedroom Remodel

After owning our home for a little over 3 years, we finally tackled our guest bedroom. It had a terrible paint job and absolutely no character. This is the only photo I could find of it. I was so embarrassed of it before the redo that I haven't really taken photos of it, and I forgot to take pics before we started painting.

Guest Bedroom Before (This photo makes it look deceptively better than it actually was):

The painting begins with everything piled in the center of the room.

Our fantastic head painter.

Here's the scoop. We simply rearranged things throughout the house and used what we already had to decorate. We found the nice wooden headboard and footboard beside a trashcan in our neighborhood. We already had hand-me-down newlywed furniture that was really worn. We repainted everything, and it looks brand new. Everyone else's junk just became our treasure. We already had artwork that I had made throughout the years framed in a way that matched the freshly painted furniture perfectly. Ta-dah! Here is our cheap remodel. The only thing we paid for was paint. Isn't God good?

After: Guest Bedroom


sarah said...

i like the furnishings a lot, they are very cool and very stylish, where did you get the bedroom set from!! I am, sarah, fan of all good decorating ideas

Anna said...

The bedding set I bought from Walmart off of the clearance section. The furniture was actually left outside by a garbage can. We just cleaned it up and painted it. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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