Friday, September 24, 2010

Cheap but Chic Kitchen Update

So, I really have been repurposing. I've just been too busy building websites the past 2 weeks to post much. Here's a few kitchen projects that I have done.

I saw this project on a diy blog for remodeling cheap. You spray paint stick on vinyl floor tiles in silver to make a cute and easily cleanable back splash. I hate trying to scrub splashes off of paint. Yuck!

Long Kitchen View Before:

Our Kitchen Hutch Area Before:


The best part is this little update only cost $4. Thank you Lowe's!

Here's a tray table that I have posted above our fridge for Abby's latest artwork.

Here's a rusty piece of metal that Bryan brilliantly framed for my recipes and etc. Love it!

More repurposing projects to come!

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