Monday, December 7, 2009

Tough Decision

We have now had Gracie for a little over 3 weeks. While she has been a great dog in many ways, this weekend she began to exhibit a new behavior that is not going to work in our family. Gracie has never been anything but gentle with Abby, Bryan, and me, but she has started to become more and more aggressive and territorial with visitors and our neighbors. Hoping we can work it out, we have agreed to let the Animal Rescue Foundation send a pet behavioral specialist out to examine Gracie and see what we can do differently to modify her behavior. However, my parents are doubtful that we can "untrain" her from this sort of thing. It looks like we may be saying goodbye to Gracie and wishing her the best in finding a family that has less of a social life than ours. While we appreciate having a dog that is protective of our family, we also need a dog that is friendly and part of our ministry team too. So sad... If you need a good watchdog, I have the perfect one for you.

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