Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life For Us

Well, I sure get annoyed by bloggers who use their digital space as an open forum for complaint, so I try not to. Gosh, I sure am tired of being sick. Before Abby was born, I rarely got sick, but my immune system has not been up to par since. This is the 3rd week of being sick in a row- all different viruses. Yuck! I will be more thankful for my health from now on! Say a prayer that I get over this "funk" quick, because life has not been slowing down for us in the Cirlot home. Either way, God is still good- all of the time!

On a business note, I've been designing quite a few holiday photo announcements this weekend. Many new samples to be posted soon. Here's a fun thanksgiving one. I'm partnering with at least one local photographer beginning in October (maybe two) and will be printing my own photo announcements in their package deal. We'll see how it goes! Should be fun. =c)

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Ana Louise said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Praying you feel better soon.

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