Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bread and Water for Me

Since yesterday, I've felt a lot of pressure in my right ear and have not been able to hear out of it well. I went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist today, and he ordered many hearing tests as a result. It's verified that I cannot hear well on certain frequencies with my right ear, but there is absolutely no infection. It looks like Meniere's disease, but since all of the tests are not lining up perfectly, I am scheduled for a MRI next Wednesday (3/25) to rule out an acoustic neuroma. Pray that the test comes back fine and that it is only Meniere's... a much better option.

Also, I've been placed on a low sodium diet, because he cannot treat me with the usual medication regime for Meniere's since I am breastfeeding Abby still. Now thanks to Abby's sensitivities and my new dietary orders, I cannot eat tomatoes, dairy, or anything high in sodium. I guess that just leaves bread and water for me (assuming the bread is low sodium sourdough bread). Talk about taking the joy out of eating! Maybe, God thinks I need to learn more self-control.


sarah said...

Poor Anna. Once all of this passes and Abby starts to eat solid food, i think I need to take you out for a big plate of spaghetti or lasagna complete with chocolate milk and ice cream for dessert.

Anna said...

I'd say that at least I should look pretty hot in a bikini this summer, but then, I don't wear bikinis. ;c) Seriously, any comfort food I can think of has either tomatoes, dairy, or salt in it. I'm being forced into healthy eating.

David Stillwagon said...

There are treatments for Meniere's disease besides being on a low salt diet. I have had severe MD for the last five years. Last summer I had the gentamicin injections and now I rarely have an attack.

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