Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Repurposing Fun

Bryan's favorite polo shirt was recently ruined by ink stains. Feeling crafty and inspired by a photo I had seen on a sewing blog, I decided to try to turn his old polo into a cute dress for Abby. I'm pretty pleased with the results. It's not master craftsmanship, but it works just fine for a flirty toddler outfit. It's my first project besides burp cloths to try by myself. I think I am hooked. I'll be sewing again soon. I had a ton of fun!

Check out the photos of Abby dancing with her Daddy in her new outfit.


Katie A. said...

So sweet! Looks like you a did a great job on the outfit, and what a neat way to reuse his shirt!

Anna said...

Thanks! It was so much fun! I think I am going to make a matching purse for her from the leftover shirt material.

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