Friday, June 18, 2010

What is Your Bride-price?

An awakening is happening. God is calling His sleeping beauty, the Church, out of a deep slumber and back to her created purpose. This week at the SBC convention I was amazed by our God. The past couple of months God has been strongly dealing with me in several different areas that are sensitive and controversial. I have really been struggling with the Spirit over everything. God is God over all- not just me.

This week at the convention speaker after speaker began to share what God was personally doing with them, and I listened on the edge of my seat. God has been convicting them of the same sins and has been challenging them in the same ways. As a convention we repented of being far too much in love with this world, we voted on the Great Commission Resurgence report's recommended goals to become more effective as believers and Southern Baptists.

Persecution and trials will come. Jesus has assured us of this. I welcome them both. Maybe then the Church will remember her first love again. Maybe I will too.

God is calling each of us to wake up. Countless souls are dying into eternal damnation every second we sleep. We are accountable. Just as the Nazis were accountable for the Holocaust, we are accountable for our apathy and self-indulgence as millions die without basic needs met and without the knowledge of the Savior who died for them. The sin of omission is just as deadly as the sin of commission. Jesus said whatever we do unto the least of these we do unto Him.

Wake up.

Church we were bought for more than this.

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