Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Husband Is Impressive!

This past week we celebrated 3 amazing years of marriage.  Looking back, some of the hardest times have brought us the closest.  Though, we have had many good times too!  I'm so thankful for all that we have shared and look forward to many more good years to come.  Being married to my best friend is the most incredible 
blessing imaginable.  This year, Bryan really impressed me with an unbelievable anniversary surprise (just so you know, it is very difficult to truly surprise me).
We went to my parents' camp on the river for this past week to celebrate our anniversary and to vacation.  When we arrived, Bryan led me on an elaborate scavenger hunt through many wonderful childhood memories until I arrived at my gift.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did!

#1  "Memories light the heart's fireplace,
Bloom with joy and give us grace.
But nothing can quite exceed,
The joy of planting memory's seed.
So, here's to sowing one more field,
Hearts of joy, forever sealed.
It starts with one, but maybe two,
On each card, you'll find your clue.
With each, you'll stroll down memories lane,
And wonder how many more remain.
To find the next, you'll have to gaze,
Of playing house in former days.
This ancient relic beneath us sits,
And often housed your dirty sticks.
So go now and find your clue,
Beneath an imaginary pot of stew."

(The antique stove I played on downstairs as a kid)

#2  "Very good, and well done.
Maybe now we're having fun.
Go find the lighter version now,
Upstairs it waits to show you how.
It came at Christmas, I've seen the picture,
It sits below a nice old fixture.
Cooking, still, is the game,
But its texture isn't the same."

(My Party Kitchen Stove Still Housed in the Camp's Living Room)

#3- "Back and forth the motion goes, 
Can you reach the tree, with your toes?
Again and again you used to try,
Your dad must have thought you'd die.
It sits just one, all you need,
Fewer helps increase the speed."

(My Childhood Swing Underneath the Camp)

#4- "Now, another ancient piece,
I'd replace it--- good grief
But you have liked it for some reason, 
Though it's a little out of season.
When you look, it looks back,
And can hold your coat like a rack.
Candles, trinkets, and other junk
It's right beside the place we bunk."

(An Antique Armoire My Grandmother's Uncle Built By Hand)

#5- I hope you've had some memories come,
You've followed well, here's one last crumb.
This bag mocked and tempted before,
Made you hope and long for more.
Maybe this time it won't disappoint,
This final word will make my point.
Memories are made each passing day,
This new toy will help them stay.

(A Nikon Case that Houses My Grandfather's Antique Movie Camera)

What I Found Inside the Old Nikon Case...
My Nikon D60!!!!

Many More Photos to Come!

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