Friday, April 24, 2009

Fasting from Self

We always knew Abby was special, even when she was in my womb. We had no idea that she would have this. MPSI (Milk Soy Protein Intolerance)- the official diagnosis for Abby's allergy to dairy and soy proteins. Did you know that only 0.5-2% of all babies have a milk protein allergy? Only 50% of those have a soy protein allergy as well. Abby apparently is one of those rare children that has both.

It's been a long journey trying to figure out how to eat on this new diet and how to plan out enough calories and nutrients to keep my milk supply up and going for our very hungry little girl. Almost everything has either milk or soy in it- they are "hidden" on the labels under numerous names, such as sodium caseinate or lactoalbumin. They are there all of the same.

Eliminating both from my diet along with tomatoes has helped Abby's reflux and vomiting episodes tremendously. However, we relapsed the past few weeks, and I couldn't figure out why. Two days ago I discovered the culprit... oreos. I had misread the label and had thought they were milk-free. I was wrong. For the past few weeks, I have meticulously followed this crazy diet while splurging unknowingly on a milk-laden product. So stupid- so frustrating- it definitely has been a setback with Abby's tummy. Since I stopped eating them, Abby's reflux and vomiting has been slowly decreasing again and her eczema is clearing up as well. Gotta love how the tiniest details matter so much now.

So for the next 2 weeks until Abby sees a new GI specialist, I'm on a super strict dairy and soy free diet. No more cool whip, margarine, or milk-baked goodies... looks like more new recipes for this family!

What I am learning from this so far-
  • Self control is HARD. I really love Abby, but even while knowing how much dairy and soy products make her sick, ice cream is still tempting (no- I haven't intentionally fudged in this area yet- there are days I want to)
  • I love my daughter, but self-sacrifice doesn't come naturally. I can only be unselfish by God's grace- even in an area as silly as my diet.
  • As Americans- food controls our lives way too much. I think about all of the Christians around the world who are just thankful that God has provided something for them to eat- I expect it to taste amazing too.
  • I'm a chocoholic- I didn't know that until now. I literally crave chocolate bars at the weirdest hours. If only I could hunger for God's Word like that...
  • Abby's hopefully temporary allergy is a way that God is refining my soul... I still have a lot of "nasty" to get burned off. Maybe, by God's grace, I will end up being much less selfish and much more disciplined.
In every trial, I will choose to rejoice when I feel discouraged or overwhelmed. My God is great- He can help me overcome any difficulty- trivial or serious.

My Lifeline- Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives me strength.


Chas Ray said...

I sorta know what you're going through. While I did NOT breastfeed either of the boys Aubrey was lactose intolerant and Austin was both lactose intolerant and soy intolerant. I've been there and I will be praying for you. Austin also had bad acid reflux when he was a baby and was born with two holes in his heart. God has since healed him and he has few problems if any with the reflux. I'm hoping Abby will outgrow it as Austin did--you are both in my prayers.

Heather said...

All of your research has opened my eyes to things that I didn't see when we were dealing with Mattie Leigh's awful reflux and eczema when she was about Abby's age. I didn't think about her milk-based formula being the culprit behind it...and apparently her pediatrician didn't either. It wasn't until she started having so many troubles with her stomach again that I even began to think that she might be lactose intolerant. Since taking her off milk for the most part and giving her either soy or rice milk, her stomach troubles have been much better. I've also noticed that her eczema has been clearing up too. I feel awful that I wasn't able to figure it out before now.

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